Skin Staplers

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The precision single use surgical instrument features a see-through window for better visibility and a patented non-stop feed mechanism for easy release and reduced jamming.

The skin Stapler is perfectly supplemented by our Staple Extractor, providing both strength and reliability during staple removal.

Upwell Medical skin stapler removers comes two types that are used to remove the stapling staples.

Single use skin staplers and reloads

Upwell Medical provide various skin staplers that are popular in the markets, Available in Type A, B, C,D,E F,G AND Type H

Skin Stapler from Upwell medical meets the surgeon’s need for an easy-to-use instrument with quality performance for external skin closure.

Each disposable Skin Stapler is preloaded with 35 regular or wide medical grade stainless steel staples that can be used in a range of surgical procedures, such as Vet and Medical First Aid Use.


Skin stapler and removers

Features of Upwell Skin staplers

  •  Staple size come in wide and regular

  • 35pcs staples preloaded

  • Staples Never stuck, no jamming

  • Smooth stapled wound and small scar after operation

  • Painless and convenient when remove staples

  • Simple and Superior design, easy to operate. Staples are made of High Quality 316L Stainless Steel for medical use.

  • For single patient use, avoid the cross infection.

straight 35w skin stapler

Packing Method of Skin Staplers

  • Disposable Skin Stapler in Blister Packing
  • Sterilized With Ethylene Oxide
  • 10pcs in a middle box
  • 100pcs in a strong caron

How to Use A Upwell Medical Skin Stapler

UPwell medical skin stapler using instructions

Caution in Using skin staplers

Skin staples never should be removed by a patient himself or herself at home.

Use is required only by a licensed medical professional to remove staples from a healed wound. A surgeon, doctor or licensed medical professional follows special procedures and uses specific tools in order to safely remove surgical skin staples without causing complications.

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