Disposable Optical Trocars

  • Disposable trocar enables smooth instrument exchanges during procedure
  • A trocar you can rely on - from China best quality Laparoscopic Trocars manufacturer
  • Efficient
  • Stable
  • Reliable
  • Fluent

Order information

OPTC-D5L100Stability cannula, 5mm Diameter100mm
OPTC-D10L100Stability cannula,10mm Diameter100mm
OPTC-D12L100Stability cannula,12mm Diameter100mm
OPTC-D15L100Stability cannula,15mm Diameter100mm
OPTC-D5L110Stability cannula, 5mm Diameter110MM
OPTC-D10L110Stability cannula, 10mm Diameter110MM
OPTC-D12L110Stability cannula, 12mm Diameter110MM

Why choose us?

Experienced professional manufacturer

  • About 20 years manufacturing experience leads to top-tier quality
  • Hospitals approved and customers acclaimed surgical instruments

Excellent customer support

  • All inquiries or messages will be replied within 24 hours
  • Engineers and sale representatives works together to solve any concern of yours

Competitive advantages

  • Patented thread minimizes trocar slip outs and has the highest peak retention  force compare to other similar products
  • Bladeless tip trocar allows endoscopic  optical entry

Trocar and trocar cannula features

trocar seal cap

Durable universal seal

  • Accommodates a wide range of instrument diameters (4.7mm-12.9mm)
  • Designed to support frequent instrument exchanges

Double layer airtight seal

  • Maintains insufflation
  • No reducer caps needed-No need to replace the conversion cap during the surgery


Optical entry

  • Visualization is optically guided by a 0° endoscope
  • Enable visualization of tissue layers during insertion

Low drag force

  • Smal instrument insertion or extraction drag force

  • Funnel lead-in enables smooth, one-handed instrument exchange
trocar cannula

Integrated stability THREADED design

  • The stable threaded sleeve greatly enhanced the fixation force on the abdominal wall
  • Prevent accidental slipping out from intraoperative puncture and enhance safety
optical obturator

Bladeless optical tip

  • Fascio cutaneous apparatus provides easy puncture
  • Reduce the need for fascial closure
  • Reduce the risk of abdominal wall vasculature injuries with bleeding complications

About trocars

What is a trocar and cannula

A trocar is a  sterile single use product.

Type 1- bladed trocar
A sharp pointedneedle like instrument equipped with a cannula; 
 used to puncture the wall of a body cavity and withdraw fluid or gas. 
An especially large bore trocar and cannula,1.0 to 1.5 cm diameteris used in the treatment of bloat in cattlea large bore, about 10 gauge, needle with a ferruled hub for the attachment of rubber tubing.

 Type 2

Bladeless trocars

Bladeless trocars, also known as blade-free trocars or non-bladed trocars, are specific types of trocars which stand out due to their safe, bladeless design. They are among the most commonly used kinds of medical trocars in hospitals, clinics, and even veterinary clinics around the world today.
Trocars typically consist of an awful or sharp tip, a central tube or cannula, and a seal at the end. In the past, most trocars had a bladed awl, made of sharpened metal or plastic, which was designed to facilitate the insertion process of the trocar itself. However, over time, bladeless trocars became more popular with their alternative and safer designs.
Bladeless trocars feature awls that are flattened, rather than sharp and pointy. This makes them much safer for the patient, as they’ll be less likely to cause tissue damage and offer a safer and more secure method of entry, relying on gentle rotation of the trocar, rather than simply forcing it into a cavity or incision.
The optical trocar from China upwellmedical is also bladeless and optical.
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For more information about trocars please refer to the post –What is a trocar

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