Laparoscopic Bladeless Trocars

Laparoscopic Bladeless Trocars


Disposable bladeless minimally invasive trocar

Laparoscopic bladeless trocar sleeve punctures- Features

  • Applicability —Applicable to different equipments with different size
  • Diameter 5mm, 10mm, 12mm and 15mm of length 110mm  
     Easy to operate
    Maintain pneumoperitoneum effectively
    Gas tightness
     Reduce smudging upon endoscope reinsertion by wiping
    For working ports upwellmedical  endoscopic bladeless trocars deliver high abdominal wall fixation and low drag force to acommodate frequent instrument exchanges
    Safety—Advanced designing of spoon-shape blunt penetrate spine.
    Large Controllability, no damage to the tissue
    Prevent puncture hernia effectively

Order information of high quality Endoscopic trocars from China

TC-D5L110Stability cannula, 5mm Diameter110mm
TC-D10L110Stability cannula10mm Diameter110mm
TC-D12L110Stability cannula12mm Diameter110mm
TC-D15L110Stability cannula15mm Diameter110mm

Aplications of trocar punctures

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Trocars are best known for the application in laparoscopic (also known as keyhole) procedures. By using a trocar puncture, surgeons are able to access the abdomen or peritoneal cavity. Physicians also employ trocars in treating ascites and hydrothorax, and for the implantation of slow-release hormone pellets beneath the skin.


A Trocar puncture device is a single use  sterile surgical instrument, it consists of a cannula, a shaft and a seal.

When to use a minimaly invasive trocar?

Patients may be advised to have a laparoscopy to examine:

The appendix
The gallbladder
The liver
The pancreas
The small and/or large bowel
The spleen
The stomach
The pelvic area
The reproductive organs
Diagnostic laparoscopy will allow the doctor to look for any unusual masses or tumors; fluid build-up in the abdominal cavity; liver disease; and how far a cancer has progressed. In addition, it can also demonstrate how effective a particular treatment has been.

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