Circumcision Staplers

Circumcision viedeos

Circumcision Staplers- Urology surgical instruments

No. G-01 Disposable plastibell circumcision anastomat urology instrument 

  • With Silicon ring 
  • Both thin and flat staples for option
  • Accessories: bandages, nylon ties, scale rulers

Size: 12/ 15/ 17/ 18/ 22/25/26/ 28/30/32/34mm

Top quality circumcision device

No. G-02 Top quality Disposable plastibell circumcision anastomat instrument 

  • Thin staples with Silicon ring for easy removal of staples
  • stainless-steel -made handles
  • Accessories: bandages, nylon ties, scale rulers

Blade diameter: 18/22/28/32mm 

No. G-03 Staple removers or people call it nail reovers

This nail remover is specially developed and used to remove staples after a circumcision

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